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"I come in with real pain and feel so grateful to leave with real relief." ~ Karen

"At Massage at Saratoga I have found a relationship with my therapists and have achieved more relief from pain following my car accident than any traditional therapy or medication.  Your staff is so friendly, professional and talented and the soothing ambiance of your atmosphere is inviting and comfortable, in contrast to many area spas I have experienced which can be pretentious.  From the moment I arrive for my session to the moment I leave I am treated as a friend, not just a customer, which is so refreshing! My whole family has benefited from your magic!

  ~Jo Ann

"As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I've had weekly bodywork for nearly 20 years from some of the leading practitioners in NYC, San Francisco, Austin, and Seattle.  Your practitioners are among the best I've had work on me and I feel very fortunate to have had such transformative and effective healing work done at Massage at Saratoga."

 ~Susan, Co-owner of Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts

"Massage at Saratoga is the only place I will go for a massage.  Whenever I have gone elsewhere, I have always been disappointed.  At Massage at Saratoga, the staff truly treats you to an entire experience.  You are greeted with a warm, soothing ambiance and friendly, considerate people.  Just by walking through the door, you already feel more relaxed.  The staff take the time to talk with you and assess your needs in order to tailor the massage specifically to you.  I have never had a bad massage at Massage at Saratoga, and it keeps me coming back again and again!"


"I have had several massages throughout my life but those were all inferior to the massages I received at Massage at Saratoga.  I was suffering from really bad tension headaches and went to Eva to get Craniosacral therapy and she was a miracle worker.  Eva is awesome!  I would come in with mind-numbingly painful headaches and would always leave Massage at Saratoga feeling tons better and less stressed out.  I recommend Massage at Saratoga, and Eva to everyone!"


"I have been going to Massage at Saratoga since I first moved to Saratoga Springs over two years ago.  All of the massage therapists are always professional, wonderful and really focus on your individual needs.  Massage at Saratoga's environment is calming and peaceful and the deep tissue massages have been extremely healing and therapeutic for me. I truly believe Massage at Saratoga's massages are a key to my healthy well-being!"

~Mary Kate

"I've followed Massage at Saratoga from their old location to their current one. Sometimes I feel as though I've crawled in because of my neck and shoulder pain. I am very fortunate to be given a 10 session pack from my husband at Christmas and again for my June Birthday.  Thus I am a regular consumer and connoisseur of massages for many years. I feel as though my aches, pains and concerns are always addressed by my massage therapist.  I can't say that I have a "favorite" since I am willing to trust any one of them.  They all offer their own unique style and varied therapies.  Massages are not only pleasurable, but an integral part of being and staying well.  Eva and her staff embrace this philosophy, as they strive to work with every client in a personalized manner.  Go relax and enjoy!"  ~Pat

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